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The basic structure of NdFeB magnets in electro-acoustic device project application field sound, headphones and other audio devices are identical. Rare earth permanent magnet material provides a constant air gap magnetic field; wire coil being suspended in the air gap, the magnetic field perpendicular to the wire.

      NdFeB magnets, electro-acoustic device comprising: a speaker, hearing aids, pickups, stereo headphones, electro-acoustic transducer and telephone receiver. The materials used are NdFeB magnets, especially the use of third-generation rare earth permanent magnet NdFeB production of electro-acoustic devices so that the device is small, light weight, good music.

      The current development trend of the mobile phone is a versatile and compact, high-performance Nd-Fe-B permanent magnetic material NdFeB magnets miniaturization and multi-functional mobile phones also played a key role.

     Power coil speaker structure, the direction and magnitude of the force with the coil current changes direction and the strength of the voice coil in a magnetic field by the force when the gap between the magnetic field B in the direction f and voice between a current Shun direction according to the left-hand direction by the upward force, the magnitude of the force can also counted out.